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There’s a good reason brushing your teeth is recommended between meals, and a good reason why it is important for people of all ages to see their dentist twice a year. Dental plaque can be damaging to your overall oral health and hygiene if it isn’t kept in check, and we here at A to Z Family Dentistry, PC can help make sure that your teeth and gums are as healthy as can be. If you need to see a Metlife dentist for a routine dental cleaning or any other dental work, our expert staff is here to make sure that you get the care you deserve.

Dental plaque is a sticky film that coats teeth and contains bacteria, accumulating throughout the day as you eat and drink normally. Over time, this plaque can harden and become far more difficult to remove. That is why brushing between meals and routine dental cleanings are so important. Brushing between meals can help limit the amount of plaque in your mouth on a daily basis while a professional teeth cleaning can help you get at harder to reach areas as well as tackle hardened plaque or calculus. The bacteria in plaque is what eventually causes cavities, so brushing daily and seeing your dentist for professional cleanings twice a year is essential. Here at A to Z Family Dentistry, PC, you can visit our Metlife dentist once every six months to manage your dental plaque and keep it in check. Here at our state-of-the-art offices, you will meet with either one of our four expert dentists – Dr. Guelfguat, Dr. Madrid-Echo, Dr. Chung or Dr. Gordon. From there, they will conduct a full oral exam, looking for any signs of decay or disease, or other oral health concerns, and provide you with treatment if needed.

When it comes to dental plaque, biannual dental exams and excellent oral hygiene are your best defense. To schedule your appointment with one of our Metlife dentist here at A to Z Family Dentistry, PC, call our offices Monday through Friday to book your visit.

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